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NEW   PUPS!!!!

The pups on the top of this  page were born the first and second week of April, 2000. The 
parents are shown on the Puppy page. Please contact Cheryl Albert for more information 
Thank you.

These pictures were taken by Gail Smyka on May 5, 2000. The pups outside were
4weeks old and this was their FIRST day outside (high 80's) and not constantly 
with mom.

The last row of pics is from 2004 and 2005, and were taken by Cheryl.

These Three are Flair and Rudy's pups,
born the second week of April, 2000.
Miss of 
Etta's girl
We want DO you get over this? 
Biting it isn't working! 
(Eva and Taliesen's pups) we know how to do it! 
(Eva/Tali and Etta/Hektor pups.
OK...... take your time when you pick your new person out.....
you'll be with them a long time!
Lookit all of us!!!
Mr. of Tali's sons Snack before Bedtime
I wasn't sleeping..........just restin' my eyes! Sleep Pile! 

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Caval Winners at Canadian SV Specialty 2002
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1-231- 5471139

Gray sable puppies currently available to loving homes…. Please call for information   and also expecting a litter in mid July.

Swedish Vallhund Club of America 

This site is owned and completely managed by Gail Smyka. I do this in gratitude to Cheryl Albert because I highly respect her  and because she was the one who started me in SV's with my wonderful Boyz, Gaelen & Taliesen.
Gail Smyka

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